Buying Domain Names

If a participating workshop participant doesn't have their own domain name they'll need to buy one to participate in the workshop.

I recommend that people purchase their domain name with They provide a good user experience and the Office 365 administration console offers Hover-specific help files to help you enter MX, TXT and other administration records. Sign-up here:

What If the Organization Doesn't Have a Credit Card?

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

In some countries the particpating organizations won't have access to a credit card. I recommend that they get a pre-paid credit card if possible, because buying a domain name with a credit card is the cheapest option. Check with your local bank.

Other Payment Options

If a credit card is not an option here are some domain name registrars that take other forms of payment like Mpesa, Moneygram or Paypal.

NOTE: we have not tested these services and are unable to offer a full endorsement.

East Africa

Check out these options:


Uganda Bank of Africa sells pre-paid credit cards with a minimum balance of US$9.00

This is a good solution for organizations that want to buy their domain names from a cheaper international service.