Recruiting Workshop Participants

In this section we share templates to help you recruit your workshop participants.

Now that you know the workshop participant's profile it's time to reach out to potential attendees.

Meetup and Email

This template can be posted on your NetSquared meetup group and adapted to an email you can send to local nonprofits. They will be invited to fill out an intake form.

SUBJECT/TITLE: Get free email for your domain with Office 365

NOTE: create an application form to help you select the group.

Are you still using a gmail, yahoo or similar email address for your nonprofit or charity? Wouldn't you look more professional if you had a email address?

Luckily it's free for nonprofits thanks to Microsoft's Office 365. But for some people setting the software up is a bit technical. So we've assembled a team of dedicated volunteers to help you get hosted email for your organization during a free three hour workshop.


Does This Describe Your Organization?

If so please apply now for our free hands-on workshop where we'll help you move to the free Office 365 for nonprofits.

  1. Apply here: APPLICATION FORM LINK GOES HERE - get link from NetSquared Community Manager (Eli)
  2. Create your free TechSoup account, which makes you eligible for donated software.

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