Pre-Workshop Intake Phone Call

All successful applicants need to have a one-on-one phone call with the workshop leader before their eligibility is confirmed.


  1. Attach the file "Office 365 Pre-Implementation Spreadsheet (PST).xlsx" to the email. You can download it here.
  2. Schedule a phone call with the applicant - we suggest creating a doodle poll.

The workshop leader will conduct a phone interview with each During the interview you will will confirm the participant's eligibility and prepare them for a successful event by going over the checklist.

Key Interview Questions

As you go over the checklist with the attendees focus on the following questions:

  • Eligibility of participant - are they a registed nonprofit or charity?
    • Have they registed their organization for a free account yet? (Assuming they are in a country with a TechSoup partner - check the dropdown list in the country dropdown if you're unsure)
      • This account is how Microsoft confirms their eligibility for the Office 365 donation
  • Current email setup, if any
    • Are they using their own domain name for email right now?
    • Are they using Outlook or web mail? ⁃ # of accounts that need to be created
  • Whether they plan to use desktop Outlook or web access
  • Do they own their own domain name?
    • If not they'll need to purchase one before the workshop ⁃ Do they have account access to edit their domain name settings?

Domain Name Settings

A major barrier encountered is the particpants can't successfully log into their domain name settings before the workshop. Request their credentials for their domain management account test that you can successfully log in.

For security reasons encourage the particpant to change the password of their domain name management account AFTER the workshop is complete.

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