Office 365 Forums in USA

An invitation to US-based NetSquared organizers to hold Office 365 workshops after one of TechSoup's forums have come to their city.


TechSoup will be delivering a free 1-day introductory forum in your city this fall - it would be great if you could attend. This is also a great excuse for you to hold one of our Office 365 workshops because the forum will be the perfect way to promote the hands-on workshop to potential participants. Plus, we're offering a grant of $250 to help cover your time and any workshop expenses.

Please RSVP for the forum (if you can make it) and let me know if you are interested in hosting a workshop in the weeks after the forum.

You can learn more about the workshop and all the support materials available here:

Here's the schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 20 in Chicago
  • Thursday, October 22 in Dallas
  • Wednesday, November 11 in New York City
  • Friday, November 13 in Boston
  • Monday, November 16 in Philadelphia
  • Tuesday, November 17 in Washington, D.C