Pre-Workshop Checklist

Use this in the final 48 hours before your workshop.

Necessary Supplies

Bring the following to the workshop:

  • Paper and markers to create any necessary signage
  • Print the following:
    • 1 copy of the Workshop Trainer Guide for each workshop leader
    • Copies of the Workshop Participant Guide (1 for each 2 groups - people can share)
    • 1 copy of Office 365 Admin Guide 2015-09-03.docx
    • 1 copy of Office 365 End User Guide 2015-09-03.docx
  • Your laptop, power supply, and any AV adaptors and cables necessary
  • Office 365 intro powerpoint deck
  • Snacks for your workshop attendees (optional)

The Venue

Confirm the following with your venue host:

  • Workshop date and time
  • Contact information of any on-site venue manager or ensure you have access if you're using the space after regular hours
  • Projector, screen and any necessary cables and adaptors for demos (optional)
  • Internet access and wifi network name and password
  • Drinking water and cups
  • Washroom access

The Participants

  • Email the participants the Pre-Workshop Reminder
  • Ensure you have a completed pre-workshop checklist from each participant.
  • Make sure that participants own their own domain name
  • Confirm that you can log into their domain name registrar

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