The Workshop

Here's a suggested flow for your workshop. The majority of the material is in the downloadable Workshop Trainers Guide

  • Introduce yourself and welcome everyone to the workshop
    • Thank the venue host
    • Point of the washrooms
    • Outline the agenda - when does the day end and when will there be a break?
    • Share internet access information
  • Invite participants to introduce themselves
  • Ask them to share their name, organization, and what they hope to gain from the day
  • Play 5 minute Office 365 donation application video
    • (Use projector - or have everyone gather around your laptop)
  • Start powerpoint deck
    • Goal of the workshop and key outputs
    • Overview of Office 365
  • Walk Participants through the Office 365 set-up process using the Trainer and Participant guides


As you proceed through the guide you will want to use the following videos to guide the group through some of the more tricky configuration steps:


This slide deck provides an overview of the workshop and introduction to Office 365

Download from slideshare


Workshop Guides

Use these guides during the workshop to help you configure Office 365 for hosted email.

Post-Workshop Office 365 Guides

Use these guides after the workshop to configure additional Office 365 features and train other members of your organization

Pre-Workshop Checklist

This checklist must be filled out by all participants before they arrive at the workshop.

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