This template email is used to recruit Organizers to participate in the pilot.

Invitation to Join the Pilot


We're holding Office 365 workshops this fall. Do you want to get involved? Let me know by September 1.

Microsoft and TechSoup Global have partnered to offer Office 365 for free to nonprofits in 110+ countries, but our data shows that many small nonprofits are struggling with setting up their donated account.

To help address this problem we are creating a train-the-trainer program that will support NetSquared organizers to deliver Office 365 setup workshops in their community. By getting small nonprofits set up with Office 365 we can increase their tech capacity and perceived professionalism.

The guide is being written right now and we will test the curriculum during September in preparation for an October launch to the rest of the NetSquared community.

I'm reaching out to you because of your knowledge of Office 365 and your strong connections to local nonprofits. Can you help us by holding an Office 365 workshop this September?


We're here to help you with the following support:

  • $250 honararium to help cover event expenses
  • Trainer and participant guide offering step-by-step instructions
  • Template emails and event descriptions
  • Webinar and phone support from Tech Impact to answer any questions
  • Short videos covering major steps like updating MX records

The Project


Get three to five small or emerging nonprofits setup and using Office 365.

NOTE: this isn't a full Office 365 implementation. Rather, the goal is to complete the initial setup, limited to setting up accounts, Exchange online, and configuring any desktop clients.


Small, emerging charities with little to no IT infrastructure and support who need an email server for email on their own domain name.

Ideal candidates:

  • Have less than 5 staff
  • Are using a Google/Yahoo/Hotmail or similar email address for their organization, but want to transition to email on their own domain name
  • Own their own domain name already, or are prepared to buy their own domain name
  • Have little or no email archives to be transitioned
  • Are a charity or nonprofit - check eligibility, which varies by country


The workshop should be completed during September 2015.

Your Role

  1. Recruit 3-5 local eligible nonprofits who are not actively using Office 365
    1. Ensure they are registered with TechSoup
    2. Ensure they own a domain name
    3. Ensure they have access to update their MX record
  2. Organize a 3 hour workshop
    1. Secure venue
    2. Ensure internet access
    3. Deliver high-level overview of Office 365 (slides provided)
    4. Assist attendees with initiating Office 365 setup
    5. Assist attendees with setup of Office 365 accounts
    6. Assist attendees with setup of Exchange Online
    7. Assist attendees with setup of any desktop clients like Outlook
  3. Report on experience
    1. What worked well
    2. What needs to be improved