Participant Requirements

In this section we outline the workshop participant's roles and requirements

The workshop is aimed at small, emerging charities with little to no IT infrastructure. The goal is to complete an initial setup, limited to setting up accounts, Exchange online, and configuring any desktop clients. Organizations with more complex needs are directed to the online Office 365 DIY Migration Workshop for Small Organizations.

Participant Profile

  • Organization has less than 10 staff members or fewer than 20 email addresses
  • Are using a Google/Yahoo/Hotmail or similar email address for their organization, but want to transition to email on their own domain name
  • Own their own domain name already, or are prepared to buy their own domain name
  • Have little or no email archives to be transitioned
  • Are a charity or nonprofit - check eligibility, which varies by country
  • Can read English to follow-along in guide
  • Can bring laptop to workshop

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