Project Overview

In This section we will cover the Office 365 train-the-trainer workshop's goal, audience and resources provided.

NetSquared organizer interested in holding a workshop? Apply here.

Microsoft and TechSoup Global have partnered to offer Office 365 for free to nonprofits in 110+ countries, but our data shows that many small nonprofits are struggling with setting up their donated account.

To help address this problem we have created a train-the-trainer program that will support NetSquared organizers to deliver Office 365 setup workshops in their community. By getting small nonprofits set up with Office 365 we can increase their tech capacity and perceived professionalism.


Each workshop will assist 5+ small or emerging nonprofits to setup and use Office 365.

During the October-November project term we will work with 10 NetSquared groups to reach 5+ nonprofits each, totaling 50 nonprofits.

NOTE: this isn't a full Office 365 implementation. Rather, the goal is to complete the initial setup, limited to setting up accounts, Exchange online, and configuring any desktop clients.


Small, emerging charities with little to no IT infrastructure and support who need an email server for email on their own domain name.

Project Timeline

Workshops will be held during October and November 2015.

Resources Available

We're here to help you with the following support:

  • $250 honararium to help cover event expenses
  • Trainer and participant guide offering step-by-step instructions
  • Template emails and event descriptions
  • Webinar and phone support from Tech Impact to answer any questions
  • Short videos covering major steps like updating MX and exporting .pst archives
  • Recruitment emails to help you recruit local nonprofit candidates (USA only)

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