Workshop Trainer Email Update

Sent to NetSquared organizers who applied to lead workshops on 2015-09-24

SUBJECT: Project update: Office 365 workshops

Hi Office 365 workshop friends!

We have now completed writing the support material for the Office 365 workshops (minus a few very small gaps!) You can review the book, which includes everything from an event description for meetup to an intake form on Gitbook:


  1. Please book me as soon as possible for a 30 minute call so that we can plan your workshop together. Please book me within the next 10 days. You can schedule me at
  2. We will be circulating a doodle poll for a training webinar soon - stay tuned!
  3. Once you have set your workshop date and location please post the event on your meetup page and send me the link.

Workshop Support Book

A step-by-step online book that includes everything from an event description for meetup to an intake form:

Office 365 Setup Guide

You can download the latest version of the Workshop Trainer's Guide here:

The guide walks you through all the steps of setting up other nonprofits in Office 365.

Playing with Office 365

Naturally you'll want to get hands-on before you hold your workshop. I encourage you to apply for a free 30 day trial of Office 365. No credit card is required. Apply here and get the E3 license.

Posting Your Event to Meetup

I've created a draft event description and survey to help you manage your workshop recruitment. But feel free to edit.


To help with your event expenses there is a $250 honorarium for each city that holds a workshop. Honorariums will be transferred in US$ via Moneygram or Paypal.

I prefer to distribute the funds after the workshop has been completed, but if you need the funds to help cover event expenses ahead of time let me know.

Please schedule me ASAP. You can schedule me at