The Trainer's Role

In this section we will cover the workshop leader's role and requirements.

As the Office 365 workshop leader you will:

  1. Recruit 3-5 local eligible nonprofits who are not actively using Office 365
    1. Ensure they are registered with TechSoup
    2. Ensure they own a domain name
    3. Ensure they have access to update their domain name MX and TXT records
  2. Organize a 3 hour workshop
    1. Secure venue with internet access
    2. Prepare participants by taking them through pre-workshop checklist
    3. Deliver high-level overview of Office 365 (slides provided)
    4. Assist participants with:
    5. Initiating Office 365 setup
    6. Setting up Office 365 accounts
    7. Configuring Exchange Online
    8. Setting up any desktop clients like Outlook or their phone
  3. Post-workshop reporting
    1. What worked well
    2. What needs to be improved

The Trainer's Requirements

To participate the workshop leader must meet these requirements:

  • Is based in a country that offers the Office 365 donation program (ensure your country is listed in the dropbox list)
  • Can read and speak English
  • Can recruit 5+ local nonprofits who fit the participant profile
  • Is technically literate, but not necessarily experienced with or Office 365 or domain records
  • Is able to participate in train-the-trainer webinars and phone calls
  • Can deliver a 3 hour hands-on training including handling recruitment, venues, etc.

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